What is Senchus?

In the Gaelic language ‘senchus’ (pronounced shen-uh-kuhs) means “history”. It seems an appropriate name for a collection of notes, thoughts and jottings about the early medieval period in Scotland.

The Senchus weblog has a focus on North Britain between the passing of Rome and the arrival of the Vikings. In chronological terms this covers the period AD 400 to 800 but these limits are fairly fluid. In geographical terms the scope includes not only Scotland but also parts of northern England, Wales and Ireland.

The entries posted on this site reflect my own medieval interests together with other snippets of information which I think might be useful or relevant.


2 comments on “What is Senchus?

  1. Susan Young Keels says:

    In having my DNA processed, I’ve learned that some of my earliest ancestors were Picts. Since I’ve always wanted to visit Scotland, this information has encouraged me to go ahead with plans to visit there. However, I want to visit the areas where the Picts actually lived, not just where Braveheart was filmed which is what is offered with the tours I’ve checked.
    As an artist with an M. A. in Art Curriculum and Instruction and a practicing artist I am very interested in an expedition and/or a tour of the area.
    If you have any information regarding an expedition and/or tour I would greatly appreciate it if you would inform me of it/them.
    Susan Young Keels

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