Plains of othlyn

A new website dealing with tenth-century topics has recently been launched. Its creator is Kevin Halloran whose theories on the battle of Brunanburh have already yielded a couple of articles in the Scottish Historical Review. At this new site Kevin presents his thoughts on the complex political relationships which characterise dealings between kings in the British Isles during the 900s. Topics covered so far include the location of Brunanburh, Anlaf (Olaf) of Dublin, Athelstan’s reign and the murder of Athelstan’s brother Edmund. Detailed referencing of primary and secondary sources makes this site very valuable as a scholarly resource.

** Update (November 2010) – The Plains of othlyn website is now closed but you can catch up with Kevin’s research on Brunanburh in his new article ‘The identity of Etbrunnanwerc’ in Scottish Historical Review, vol.89, no.2 (Oct 2010) pp.248-53


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  1. I am much obliged and only hope the content lives up to your very kind billing.

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