News from Pictland

Pictish stone from St Vigeans

Pictish cross-slab from St Vigeans (drawing by JR Allen, 1903)

A not-very-uplifting piece of news from the Arbroath Herald. I noticed it in a recent round-up at the Ealde Ænglisce Blog.

It’s about the Pictish museum at St Vigeans.

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5 comments on “News from Pictland

  1. esmeraldamac says:

    That’s not good. I know serious researchers will book an appointment, but local would have just popped in for the odd half-hour had it been open. What a shame.

    • Tim says:

      You’re right, Diane. Most people probably won’t bother. In the longer term, I wonder about the museum’s fate if reduced visitor numbers drop below a minimum level of cost-effectiveness.

      • That is a pity, although it sounds as if it’s actually going to be available for longer in the day than before for those aware enough to make the plan. Which is good, because I’ve not been there and I ought. Sorry for the fella who’s lost the job though.

  2. Phil says:

    This is a shame. We popped into St Vigeans Museum on the way back to our hotel after visiting Pictavia at Brechin last year. Didn’t know of the museum’s existence but clocked roadside signs. As Diane suggests, serious researchers will book – however ‘passing trade’ as we were, will miss out.

    • Tim says:

      I think the two venues are only about 12 miles apart, and St Vigeans gets publicity from Pictavia by being listed on their ‘Pictish Trail’. But I can’t imagine many people bothering to pre-book a museum visit before jumping in their cars and setting off on the trail. I suspect most will simply drive past St Vigeans when they see it’s not a walk-in venue. As you say, Phil, the passing trade will be lost. For dedicated Pict-seekers, the longer opening hours might work out quite well (as Jon points out) but overall I’m not optimistic about the future.

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