Alwin not Ailín

Earls of Lennox

Earl of Lennox

Peter Kincaid who runs the Kyncades website has recently written an interesting article on the first known earls of Lennox, both of whom were called Alwin. Peter has noticed a tendency in some quarters to convert this name to Ailín, a Gaelicised form that he argues has no warrant in the oldest historical sources. His article is well-researched and sets out a convincing case for retaining the forms Alwin and Alwyn as shown in documents of the 12th and 13th centuries.

I’m mentioning this because I have a particular interest in the history of the Lennox, an area once ruled by the kings of Strathclyde. Peter’s ancestors originated in the lands of Kyncaith which were part of the Lennox earldom. A brief discussion of these lands and their early history took place between Peter and myself in comments attached to my third blogpost on Clan Galbraith.

Read Peter’s article as a PDF on his website


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