Early Medieval Govan

Govan Sarcophagus

The Govan Sarcophagus (Photo © B Keeling)

I recently uploaded a new post at Heart of the Kingdom, my blog about early medieval Govan and the carved stones of the kingdom of Strathclyde. The post takes a look at the distinctive ‘hogback’ tombstones at Govan and compares them with similar monuments at Penrith in Cumbria.

If you haven’t visited Heart of the Kingdom yet, please go over and have a look around. The topics there are obviously quite close to the ones you’ll find here. People who enjoy my Senchus posts about Pictish sculpture, for instance, may be interested to read about the equally impressive (though less well-known) sculptured stones at Govan. Although every post at Heart of the Kingdom is indexed here at Senchus on the topic page for the kingdom of Strathclyde the following list shows the ones published so far:

Hogback tombstones at Govan and Penrith
Govan: a place of assembly
Govan and the kings of Strathclyde
Pigtails and ponytails on early medieval sculpture
A 19th-century illustration of the Govan Sarcophagus
The Sun Stone at Govan
Book review: Anna Ritchie’s Govan and its Carved Stones
People, place and memory: Govan and the kingdom of Strathclyde
What’s in a name? Choosing a name for my new blog

Early Medieval Govan

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2 comments on “Early Medieval Govan

  1. Thanks for the reminder, Tim, and an excellent picture!

    Sorry I’ve not been in and out recently; WP seems to have decided to not let me comment.

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