Going digital

Although I’m not renowned for keeping up with new technology, I’m pleased to report that my books are now available as Kindle editions at Amazon UK and Amazon US. Not having the necessary gizmo means it may be some time before I get to see them 🙂

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13 comments on “Going digital

  1. nicolagriffith says:

    Aaargh!! Available for UK customers only…

  2. Clas Merdin says:

    Don’t do it Tim – stick to paper!

  3. esmeraldamac says:

    I should point out for the benefit of potential readers teetering on the edge of digital vs paper, that you can download the Kindle software for free onto your computer, and then you can download e-books on to it. You don’t have to have an *actual* Kindle reading device. It would be a bit heavy-going to read a novel on the pc, but I find it’s fine for non-fiction as the odds are I’ll be by the pc anyway! Kindle for pc software is downloaded from the Amazon website.

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