The Barochan Cross

The Barochan Cross
Today at Heart of the Kingdom, my blog about early medieval Govan, I uploaded a detailed study of the Barochan Cross, one of the most impressive monuments to survive from the ancient kingdom of Strathclyde.

The carvings on the cross have much in common with Pictish sculpture and, indeed, the Clyde craftsmen undoubtedly borrowed styles and techniques from other lands. Hence, my new blogpost makes reference to the Pictish stone in Aberlemno kirkyard and includes a close-up of part of the famous battle-scene on the back.

Among the ‘see also’ info at the end of the post is a link to a video of the Barochan Cross which gives a good idea of what an impressive monument it really is.

The Barochan Cross at Heart of the Kingdom

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4 comments on “The Barochan Cross

  1. badonicus says:

    Talk about synchronicity Tim, I had literally just started reading Iain Forbes’ new book when this arrived in my inbox! Thanks for posting.

    • Tim says:

      Yes. It’s just a pity they’ve lost a lot of their detail. It would be great to see a full-size replica of this cross, in all its original glory, like the one at Aberlady in East Lothian.

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