The Fairlie Stone

The Fairlie Stone

Copyright © B Keeling

My latest post at Heart Of The Kingdom describes a carved stone from Fairlie in North Ayrshire, an example of early medieval sculpture from the kingdom of Strathclyde. It dates from the 10th/11th century and is quite well-preserved. Anyone who likes Pictish sculpture will see familiar themes in the carvings on this stone – even though it is a long way from the heartlands of the Picts. Its sculptor was a craftsman of the ‘Govan School’ of stonecarving and probably a Briton of the Clyde.

The Fairlie Stone

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4 comments on “The Fairlie Stone

  1. Remarkable carving. Love the lines. Thanks for the history to go along with it – always intrigued.
    May warmthe and joy find your hearth and linger long.

  2. tsmorangles says:

    happy new year and to plenty more posts about early Scotland

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