Romancing the Govan Stones

Are you interested in learning about the fascinating collection of early medieval sculpture at Govan? Do you want to hear about the period when Govan was the royal capital of the kings of Strathclyde?

Next Tuesday, 22 January, at the Pearce Institute in Govan, Professor Stephen Driscoll of the University of Glasgow will be giving a talk entitled Romancing the Govan Stones: Archaeological Explorations of an Ancient British Capital.

Further details of this event can be found at Heart Of The Kingdom.

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2 comments on “Romancing the Govan Stones

  1. jimthemorr says:

    Thanks, Tim. Stephen’s (and David’s) talk on the Govan stones was very good – I spoke to Stephen a bit, also Tom (another of your readers) who was there because of your blog notice.

    • Tim says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Jim. I was sorry to miss the talks, both of which were on key topics for me. However, it’s good to hear Senchus was represented in my absence 🙂

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