Kindle edition of ‘Strathclyde’

Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age
My latest volume on early medieval Scottish history is now available as an e-book. The paperback was published a couple of months ago but many people now prefer digital editions so I’m posting the relevant Amazon links here.

Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age (Kindle edition) – via Amazon UK or Amazon USA.

More information about the book, with a list of chapters, can be found in a blogpost on the paperback edition.

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13 comments on “Kindle edition of ‘Strathclyde’

  1. Ebooks are so much easier to carry when traveling, but nothing like a nice chair, warm fireplace and an actual book on winter days! Merry merry and joy to you and yours

  2. Brunlees says:

    Its on my list to get

  3. Excellent, looking forward to reading this! Assuming there are some thoughts on Constantin (son of Cinaed) and his sister in there?

  4. Philip Dixon says:

    I have just finished reading (a paperback!) copy of this excellent book, and would congratulate Tim on the detail and interest he has brought to what to an Englishman seems a remote and poorly documented period. Well done!

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