Scotland’s Merlin in the news

Merlin the Enchanter

Merlin the Enchanter by Louis Rhead (1857-1926)

My latest book Scotland’s Merlin was mentioned in the Scottish media this week, with a full-page feature in Monday’s edition of The National.


The image on the top right of the page shows the famous ‘Merlin window’ at Stobo Kirk in Upper Tweeddale in the Scottish Borders. A black-and-white version of the same photograph (taken by Freyja Appleyard-Keeling) appears in the plate section of my book. The accompanying text summarises my theory about the real Merlin, whom I suggest was a forest-dwelling fugitive in the remote uplands of Southern Scotland at the end of the sixth century AD. A number of other writers have voiced their support for this view of Merlin’s origins, so my theory is by no means a new one. However, I’m sceptical of the popular belief that this ‘Wild Merlin’ was a pagan shaman or druid. In my book I suggest instead that he may have been a Christian.

The image below shows the front page of my own copy of Monday’s newspaper and, below it, the cover of my book (which was also published this week).


Scotland's Merlin

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10 comments on “Scotland’s Merlin in the news

  1. The headline in the Book Section should attract some readers!

  2. ritaroberts says:

    Love all these stories of Merlin and your book cover is superb. Good luck. Its a popular subject so I am sure it will sell well..

  3. Really looking forward to this!

  4. Super interesting! I had never heard the suggestion that he could have been Christian, so I’m looking forward to reading more about it.

    • Tim says:

      Thank you Marian. The basis of my argument is that the ‘pagan’ idea isn’t part of the early legend and didn’t really take shape until the nineteenth century.

  5. badonicus says:

    Best of luck with it Tim, and I look forward to reading it with interest.

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