The Great Pictish Quiz

Test your knowledge of the Picts with this new brain-teaser devised by Dr Neil McGuigan.

The Great Pictish Quiz

* * *

Also try this quiz from last year:

Scotland in the Early Middle Ages

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Neil McGuigan is a historian and author, specialising in early medieval Northern Britain. Find him on Twitter at @neilmcguigan
His biography of King Máel Coluim III (‘Malcolm Canmore’) was published last week by Birlinn Books of Edinburgh:
Máel Coluim III, ‘Canmore’: The World of an Eleventh-Century King

* * * * * * *

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4 comments on “The Great Pictish Quiz

  1. Tiege McCian says:

    How timely! Just let me get through the book I’m reading!

  2. Bob Hay says:

    We’re going away for a week Tim so won’t get onto it till we get back

  3. Bob Hay. says:

    I got 95* Tim . Can’t believe it, got 18 wrong, must have pressed wrong button.😡.
    *Mind you I did use Google.

  4. Kent says:

    Write another book already! Or I just keep re-reading your other ones.

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