The Kingdom of Strathclyde

This page shows a list of my blogposts dealing with the realm of the Clyde Britons in its several manifestations (Damnonii/Dumnonii, Alt Clut, Ystrad Clud). As well as Senchus I run two other blogs, both of which deal with the early medieval period. In the following list, posts marked HK are published at Heart of the Kingdom, my blog about early medieval Govan. Those marked SASVA are at my blog on Viking-era topics. The rest can be found here at Senchus. Simply click on a title and follow the link.

Dyfnwal ab Owain and the war of 756 [HK]
The Pictish wife of Rhun ab Arthgal (c.872)
Owain ‘king of the Cumbrians’ at the English court in 935 [HK]
Dyfnwal ab Owain (died 975) in Cumbrian folklore
The Bride of King Dyfnwal [HK]
Govan and the kings [HK]
Mael Coluim ‘son of the king of the Cumbrians’ [HK]
Angharad, daughter of Rhydderch Hael

Centres of power
Alt Clut
How old was the Doomster Hill? [HK]

Churches & Christianity
Female royal burials at Govan [HK]

Ireland (c.680-710)
The Battle of Mugdock (750)
War and diplomacy with the West Saxons [SASVA]
The English invasion of Strathclyde in 945

The Clyde Britons: People, Place & Memory [HK]
The Meeting at Chester in 973 [SASVA]
Peace-treaties in the tenth century [SASVA]

Stones of the Britons

Govan Stones
The Sun Stone at Govan [HK]
The Govan Sarcophagus [HK]
Hairstyles on the Govan stones [HK]
Hogback tombstones at Govan and Penrith [HK]
Cross-slab 32 at Govan [HK]
The Barochan Cross [HK]
The Barochan cross-base [HK]
The Fairlie Stone [HK]
The Dumb Proctor of Lochwinnoch [HK]
Govan hogbacks re-displayed [HK]
The Arthurlie Cross [HK]
Visit the Govan Stones
A lost cross-slab from Govan [HK]
The Bellahouston Stone [HK]
Strathclyde crosses [SASVA]
Victorian illustrations of the Dumb Proctor [HK]
The Bogle Stone at Govan [HK]

The Origins of Clan Galbraith (Clann-a-Breatannuich, ‘Children of the Britons’)
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

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The history of the Clyde Britons from Roman times to c.1100 is covered in my book The Men of the North: the Britons of Southern Scotland (Edinburgh, 2010). A study of their kingdom in the Viking period (ninth to eleventh centuries) can be found in Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age (Edinburgh, 2014).

The Men of the North: the Britons of Southern Scotland

Strathclyde and the Anglo-Saxons in the Viking Age