New blog on early medieval Govan

Replica cross at Govan

Replica of a 10th-century cross at Govan (Photograph © B Keeling)

This week I’ve launched a new blog called Heart of the Kingdom. It’s about Govan, an important royal site in the kingdom of Strathclyde and a major centre of stonecarving in the 9th-11th centuries. The old parish church at Govan has an important collection of monuments dating from this period, including the original shaft of the replica cross shown above.

I plan to run the new site alongside Senchus as an additional venue for jottings about the North Britons. Senchus will remain my main venue for posts on things like Rheged, Gododdin, Alt Clut and the battle of Arfderydd and will still host the ongoing series on Strathclyde. Heart of the Kingdom will have a narrower focus on Govan and on the sculpture of the ‘Govan School’. It will also cover news of events or projects in present-day Govan that relate to the carved stones and their period.

Here’s a link to the new site: Heart of the Kingdom

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4 comments on “New blog on early medieval Govan

  1. Cool. Glad I stumbled on this

  2. I asked about the ‘Govan/gavan’ (Russian for harbour) link and realise that there is probably a common root – haven, Copenhagen etc

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