Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports

In a recent post I mentioned a very useful online resource – the older volumes of PSAS in full-text.

Here, I’ll mention another service generously provided by the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland (in conjunction with Historic Scotland and the Council for British Archaeology).

The Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports (SAIR) describe excavations at various sites and are publicly available. All periods are covered, from prehistoric to modern, and each report is very detailed. I’ve picked out some of the ones relating to the early medieval period:

SAIR 4 (a Norse estate in Orkney)
SAIR 18 (Norse activity at the Smoo caves near Durness in Sutherland)
SAIR 20 (Cramond Roman fort – I’ve included this because of the early medieval connections noted by Craig Cessford in his article in Heroic Age)
SAIR 27 (a settlement in Argyll, near to and contemporary with the fort at Dunadd)
SAIR 28 (metalworking near Dornoch in Sutherland)
SAIR 34 (an Early Christian long-cist cemetery in East Lothian)

All the above are available via the SAIR website.

2 comments on “Scottish Archaeological Internet Reports

  1. Howard says:

    Revisiting the Battle Knowe site at Canonbie. I wonder if the purse of coins found at Rowanburn Foot were ‘stashed’ by someone who fell in the battle and hence the coins could put a date on the event. Edward the first.(Pretty tenuous but possible)

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